Mopped Up Thorp

Alternate version of the Gil Thorp comic strip

I hope they leave the diner, I’m running out of material.
Nice of Gil to provide the perfect facial reaction for True’s last comment.
Milford is loaded with themed shops.
I hope we can come back to the Open Café some day.
Another day, another broken bone.
I wish his name was Tom, then I could say how cool P3 looks with Tom Cruise-ing along.
You don’t suppose they hit…nah, what are the odds?
Any guesses on how long it takes for True to suit up for Milford? Before September?
(thanks to chiphilton for the bubble gum idea)
They’ve been holding the ball like this all season (see 7/5). I still think this is the reason they’re losing.
Today’s strip is cuttersjock’s dream - 100% shower references!
I still say True ends up playing for Gil, as he’ll like the fact that Gil won’t do him any favors, and dad will be pissed. If he plays for another school we’ll barely see him.
If you’re not a huge Seinfeld fan P4 won’t make a lot of sense.
It might be months before we return to The Copyright Café© . I’m sad.
I think we will get at least one more day of The Copyright Café© .
You never know who will stop by The Copyright Café©.