Mopped Up Thorp

Alternate version of the Gil Thorp comic strip

Even Marty(e) hates Tru(e)! Oh wait, Marty(e) hates everyone.
Sunday bonus! You know how occasionally comic strips will do crossovers? Well not only did “For Better or For Worse” do a crossover, they chose “Mopped Up Thorp” instead of “Gil Thorp”! I’m so honored!!!
Gil is coaching and he’s winning. What is going on?
Tru(e) looks like he’s filming a shampoo commercial.
That’s either evil Marty or evil Spock.
We finally gots us some real football.
Episode #200! Holy crap, can’t believe it!
Well at least academically Tru(e) fits in at Milford.
Go ball, now’s your chance!
Wow, half speed for Tru(e), maybe I underestimated Gil(e), Tru(e) could be playing by Halloween.
Geez, Gil, slow down. Your star QB might actually run a play by November.
Are(e) the(e) e’s getting(e) out(e) of(e) control(e)?
How many times? Is that a challenge? Challenge accepted!
It always comes back to the showers.
Maybe Tru(e) can become a lineman.