Mopped Up Thorp

Alternate version of the Gil Thorp comic strip

When in doubt, go with the old time-proven joke.
It’s tough to do your business when Gil wants to talk business.
So is Saad a main character for the fall? What will his problem be? Maybe he refuses to shower with the team, that could cause a lot of problems and make him cuttersjock’s least favorite Mudlark.
That must have been difficult to pull off. (The office, not his arm.)
It’s like the crap is coming right into your living room!
And thus ends an action packed summer of a transfer kid wander around town and watch other kids play football. I need a chance to catch my break from all the tension and excitement.
Man, I stared at P3 for 10 minutes trying to figure out something to say there.
I know they lobbed me a softball in P2, I wanted to just ignore it, it was too easy. But then I figured, why should I put in more effort than Gil?
Remember Coach Drool from 7/18? I still love that one.
MUT shirts, coming soon, preorder yours now! Low price plus nominal shipping and handling plus mandatory gratuity, surcharge, finder’s fee, etc.
Break out the soap!
Bah ha ha - P2. I amuse myself.
Oh man, someone’s going down!
Didn’t take much to get Art on board the Milford train.
Gil is fed up with us.
(Thanks to miffedmax for pointing out True’s misuse of the crutches.)
I still say he never plays a down for Milford.