Mopped Up Thorp

Alternate version of the Gil Thorp comic strip

Getting closer to Tru(e) Time!
Man these cameos are killing my budget.
Everyone is turning against Jarrod(e). When will he snap?
Oh go on Don(e), you’re exaggerating. Maybe.
Wonder what ever happened when Thing took Amy home from (the) Prom?
Even Marty(e) hates Tru(e)! Oh wait, Marty(e) hates everyone.
Sunday bonus! You know how occasionally comic strips will do crossovers? Well not only did “For Better or For Worse” do a crossover, they chose “Mopped Up Thorp” instead of “Gil Thorp”! I’m so honored!!!
Gil is coaching and he’s winning. What is going on?
Tru(e) looks like he’s filming a shampoo commercial.
That’s either evil Marty or evil Spock.
We finally gots us some real football.
Episode #200! Holy crap, can’t believe it!
Well at least academically Tru(e) fits in at Milford.
Go ball, now’s your chance!