Mopped Up Thorp

Alternate version of the Gil Thorp comic strip

A Few Good Mudlarks.
On the Thorpfront.
Some of my finest work on the floor in P3 if I do say so myself. (Yeah, I stole the Moe idea from Mr Reality’s comments.)
Jarrod(e) will see the light - or else.
Go back and look at the Thorp place way back during the dungeon storyline. P1 is almost a duplicate shot.
Could they actually, finally be making a decision? Don’t go too fast Gil or there still may be time to have a great season.
Seems like they might get in trouble for stuff like this, but I was never an athletic director so what do I know?
The student body just doesn’t care I guess. Even Signman stayed home.
Looks like we have weeks more of conflict between Jarrod(e) and Tru(e).
Jarrod(e) blames it all on Tru(e). Never would have guessed.
What can we do next? Gilligan’s Island references?
Alternate Get Smart version of today’s MUT!
One more day until we see Milford come up short.
Now that E.T. can no longer control the lighting, will Milford pull it out?
It’s almost like they’re playing under strobe lights.